27 marzo, 2010

Herbalife network: a portal dedicated to herbalife products

Herbalife International is a company founded in 1980 by Mark Reynolds Hughes, Herbalife products consist of food supplements. The company offers a system for weight control based on the integration of the normal diet with nutritional meal replacement products with added vitamins and fiber, to be consumed in the performance of nutrition programs which also requires an adequate consumption of water and a suitable exercise daily when possible. All the products marketed by "Herbalife" products are not producers but by third parties. A study recently published in a newspaper states that the composition of products are expected as the main ingredient of soy derived substances.

The company has acquired, since 1980, over 30 million consumers of its products in over 70 countries, having obtained its approval of the respective ministries of health, however, Herbalife products are known as among the most "controversial" is to judge their effectiveness, both for the complex system of sales. Sellers are not required to have training in the medical field, in fact, Herbalife Distributor simply sell the product that has a regular label that says, according to law, the way of use.

Basically the herbal nutrition network is based on a complex multilanguage portal dedicated to the chain of distribution of herbal products. Anyone who wants to enter the chain as a Herbalife distributor can click in the "Join" and thus join the system, providing their own data and conclude the sale. The site also provides for the retailer the ability to instantly create a website where market or acquired, in fact, simply click on "Retail Websites" and get an idea of what to do to get a personal website dedicated to the product and related site basis.

The site is also a landmark day for those who take these products and want to learn more about the various information acquired. Areas "Testimonials" and "FAQ" you can access information.

There could be a lot to talk about but I do not trust very much about these kind of products and I rather prefer to let you take a look by yourself. For more information please visit

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  1. Francesca Fabbris6/02/2010 08:19:00 AM

    I would like to meet the reporter on this very superficial report on his thoughts... If he really wants to help about the information, be so smart to give people the right information about food, about the nutrients (not calories) required to stay healthy, which food do people have to buy and which do not, what happens if people do not have the right nutrients, and before all, what are the nutrients for the body... Try do do something effective to the world, instead. Thanks. Francesca, Italy


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