26 luglio, 2009

Last products from brickhousealert for life support

A old man or woman lives alone and suddenly they may fall with no one around to help, they may falling down in the house so badly that they can't even call help. What about if your parent or grandparent is on the road outdoors and they suddenly need immediate help and no one knows where they are and even they may not know where they are, it is a dangerous circumstance isn't it?

Fortunately recent technology developments allow to brought more efficient medical body assistances which finds useful advantages in applications for the periodical control of lifestate integrity. In every moment it should be essential to obtain a service that could develope a quick medical alarm to provide a firm and continuous control of health status of patience due to possible health hits. The site "Brick House" offers two excellent technology systems built by skillful operators of sector. These services allows to provide a complete personal protection in about all the time of the day and without requirement of direct involvement of examined human. This society offers the opportunity to purchase two products that are leaders of own sector.

The first product is a "FALL" detector connected to a medical alarm that alerts emergency personnel that they have fallen and can't push a button. In that way it is possible to quickly operate independent request as well as altered or fainted condition of injuried body, these conditions normally does not allow to request medical help in own decision. This is and example about how it works. You fall down and no one is there to help you. so the "Fall Detector" automatically senses the fall and calls the 24-Hour Monitoring Center and make you connected to a trained "Emergency Response" operator who dispatches help immediately.

The second product is a GPS Tracking Bracelet with 2-way speakerphone so they can use it like a cell phone and call for help or they can use it like a revelator to wear can be found in cases of wandering. This means that this tool allows to serve a medical alarm because it can use like a cell phone, making possible to call for help. Also, the "wearer" can be found in cases of wandering due to psicological pathology (for example, like Alzheimer) which does not allow the injuried to report where he is and in which conditions he should be. The GPS watch seems to work in every place of own country, sending GPS location to the ones who cares, whether it is emergency response workers such as firemen or ambulance, or friends, family, or neighbors.

Charge of subscription for both services should be about 34.95$, and the society guarantee further technical support in regular business hours, 9 am- 6 pm EST Monday-Friday, and no extra charge for the frequently use of these systems. If you wish further informations about these products, just enter the site of call society number 877-632-5378. If you need something like that, just give it a try.

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