28 agosto, 2009

Protect your eyes from the autumn sun...

Autumn is coming and the days slowly get longer: bursts of rain interspersed with blinding sun can make your eyes tired. With the arrival of cold sunny weather it’s absolutely important to protect own eyes with a pair of disposable contact lens: often simple graduated glasses may be uncomfortable and it is quite obvious discomfort to use sunglasses for those suffering from eye diseases such as nearsightedness or farsightedness that don’t allow easy use of lens.

In this situation there are various brands of disposable contact lenses that may be used in place of normal glasses and with the same efficiency in terms of recovery of lost dioptres. However, often a purchase of a pair of new disposable contact lens is made without adequate knowledge of the brands available, preparing in this way to the development of typical discomfort related to the selection of a lens uncomfortable, unsuitable or wrong. Obviously in a store is almost never possible to “have a try” for long periods, but how much important it might be to do a test of daily contact lenses that will be used for long periods? From "Bausch & Lomb" here it comes this opportunity, thanks to their website and the opportunity to request a "free trial" of their new contact lenses daily "Softlen".

Compiling a form available on their website you will be able to get the chance to print a certificate and take it to your optician to trust, so it will be possible to get a free sample of their product to try for a short period in order to assess their quality.

As a relationship with customers, the site is of excellent quality. For example, in addition to "trial form" there is also a demo in which they explained in detail some of the quality of their contact lenses Soflens, and there is also an application "Doctor locator" that allows tracking in the United States or the optical or “eyes doctor” closer and more professional about a long directory. Soflens ensure both comfort and high definition technology at the right price. The Soflens were built on an innovative, slow-release moisture formula that uses your natural tears to create a cushion of wetness that lasts all day long, avoiding the annoying problem of dryness of the eye cornea and conjunctiva. In addition, thin lens design provides a remarkably natural feel on the eye even if they do not require the daily hassle of cleaning or storage. Soflens lenses have been rated higher by patients for end-of-day comfort and they are certified to reduce conjunctival irritation and eye fatigue.

Without doubt, disposable lenses Soflens require evidence to present to your eye the best visual quality possible while maintaining an optimal health of their eyes and they deserve a try. Thumbs up to me.

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