18 settembre, 2008

Eye floaters and

Su richiesta del sito citato, pubblico sul blog la versione in inglese dell'articolo precedente:

Computer, books, journals, portable phones, video terminals, glasses, contact lens. Our eyes is constantly working, everyday, about 12 hours at day. In these last years the appearing frequency of a disturb in the eyesight called “Eye floaters” is increasing. Eye Floaters are quickly annoying dark signs that may damage simple operations like reading a text. It’s like “having rubbish on the lens”, and that appears especially in rapid eye movement. One of the most significant symptom of this problem is the appearing of a vision of a transparent smooth spider web that float in the field of vision when watching skies or light backgrounds. In extreme cases, this problem should damage the eyesight of patient making him impossible to bring on focus a object or a point of the background, or altering the field with moving dots or dust, strings and squiggly lines.

Specialists are agreed to consider Eye Floaters related to a inflammatory damaging process that involved the “Corpus Vitreus”, a jelly substance placed in the backboard of the eye, beyond the retina and behind the lens. This gel is made with hydrate tissue, and the “inflammations” determine the breakup of the tissue, making pieces floating into spaces.

Despite the increasing frequency of medical cases reported, actually this disease is not considered a “official pathology” but a simple symptom tied to “ageing”.

Regarding the possible therapy, actually there are few choices. A increasing body and eye hydratation with food “vitamin” supplement are considered effective to retard the progression of this ill. In most serious cases, there are chirurgical operations like “Vitreoctomy”.

In USA there’s a site called “”, an English language site in which there’s explanation about eye floaters and a promotion about a book containing “a promise of a cure to reduce and eliminate Eye Floaters in about 7 days”. Apparently this site is not talking about pharmaceutical treatment, but sells a book where there’s should be some suggestions to heavy the “quality life” of eyes, making it possible to improve eyesight of suffering people. It’s a little bit curious to read the part when the author says he discovered this cure “while reading an old Native American remedies book”. The price for this book is about 10$, payable by paypal. Absolutely I don’t know about the efficience of this “Native American cure” or about the contents of the book sold, but at least the site is not seemingly to sell dangerous drugs (at this time there’s no official acknowledged therapy for eye floaters) and meanwhile is promoting discussions about the frequency of a “eye ill” that nowadays is heavy underestimated.

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